Thursday, September 4, 2014

Change Your Story


Living life by default

Change your story and change your life

Are we living life by default?

What story are we telling others  along with the stories we keep repeating  to ourselves over and over in our heads with damaging  self talk.

  Living life by default, meaning any way the chips fall,  So it be.  Sometimes, we do not consciously notice that we accept life just as it is.  Whatever  happens, we feel it was supposed to happen.  By  what  authority do you think or  believe  we were  suppose to  be buffered around like  small corks in a raging sea.

Yes, we must allow for some things that is not in our control to happen in our life.  But there are more things that happen that is in our control, then the things that happen   that’s not in our control.`

In order to  take control and make  changes , you have to change your story to what you want it  to be.

As you tell your story in your life ( and you do it nearly all day and  every day with your thought  and your actions) begin to change it through  your thoughts.

Let’s talk about changing your story.  Here is an example of a story.   

 You are a grown individual.  You  may or may not be a working  adult, Your relationships may not be as you wish and there are things that you are not  satisfied with in your  life as of now.   You  would like to make changes.  First of all,  if we are about to change any situation we are in, the first thing I believe is important is how you think and what you are thinking about the situation you are in.  If you want to change it, of course you have to start with the  thought process.  Thought is the power to begin with.

There is a quote that has been stated, and that quote is:

 “we must be, before we can do. And we can only do only to the extent which we are. And what we are depends upon what we think.”                                                                                                                                            

Based upon that idea we do know for fact that we do exist. Given that we exist means that our creator endowed us with a will. Having a will means that we have choices. Now considering that we are grown individuals, we must be aware that our lives has been about choices. Whether these choices were negative or positive we have to take responsibility for these situations that we are in. Life just doesn’t happen, we have a great amount of responsibility of how it happens.
Some choices, that we have made, may not serve us well. However we do not have to continue to live life by default. Begin to change your life by making better choices and taking  responsibility for the choices you make.  This will mark the beginning of changing your story. 
Began to change the circumstances in your life by changing your thinking. Of course you can only do that through thought.   Thoughts are like seeds planted in a garden.  You must nourish them and continue to feed them.  To feed your thoughts.  This must be done through the thought process of focusing.  By focusing on a thought,  that thought we will begin to attract forces to it that will enable it to manifest.  This is why it is absolutely crucial that you monitor your thoughts in a positive way.  Do not have thoughts of doubt, for that would be showing the lack of faith.  Faith is something that we have to live with daily.  We never stop and think of how much faith we use daily, not realizing what we are doing.  We put faith and trust in small everyday things such as our cars the transit system.  Our food we eat, along with many other things that we’re not even conscious about.  So put positive faith in your project or the changes you would like to make in your life.

If this is confusing to you simply take the time to write down what you want to happen in your future and focus, focus, focus on till manifestation comes forth.
Change your thinking and change your thoughts and change your story.  Always remember focused thoughts will manifest whether they are negative or positive.

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