Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thoughts are things by Ophelia Chmberlain

Understanding what is meant by
Thoughts or Things


The aim of this discussion is to understand, explorer and
simplify thought as close as we can to its existence as it relates to our every
day life. We are to understand that our final answers to our existence have a
lot to do with our thoughts. It is through ignorance that we don’t know how to
think. Our intentions is to understand and how to appreciate our own existence
in every second, every hour, every day, and in every aspect of our life. 

 No matter how good
your life is, something or someone can always make it better.  How ever it is still all within your personal
control. Before we get into our story lets first began to understand just
exactly what is thought and meet our thoughts with understanding.

It is stated in an old book of psychology,  written by W. Y. Evans-Wentz in 1927, that

Thoughts being things,
they may be planted like seeds in the mind of the child and completely dominate
his mental content, ‘Given the favourable soil of the will to believe, whether
the seed thoughts be sound or unsound, whether they be of pure superstition or
of realizable truth, they take root and flourish, and  make the man what he is mentally.”

It is also  said that
at least 60,000 thoughts   go through our minds daily.  It appears that thoughts are like rain
drops.  Although most thoughts are
harmless until we give special attention to them.  Sometimes thoughts have certain attachment
that we really believe is true.  Think
about this.  Some thoughts you have do
not have to be true.  If you really want
to admit to what really is, you are presenting you point of view about a situation.
Some thoughts just appear, but do they all have to be true?  This is what I mean about cleaning up or
thought process.  A lot of times we
attach to our thoughts without inquiring any further whether this thought is
true or not.  We automatically   assume that if the almighty “I” think, it is
has to be true.  We should know better
than that by now.  How many times have
you thought, what he or she thinks is not true about yourself or a
situation.  We cannot control what pops
into our minds, but we can control the evaluation of the thought.  We also can control how much power we give to
certain thoughts.  If you fine the
thought to be shady or not true, we can choose to not focus on that destructive
or negative thought
.  On the other
hand if it is a positive though, we can alls choose to focus on it and bring it
into manifestation for our or someone’s positive benefit. 

Remember some thoughts we have been attached to for years and
they do not necessarily have to be true. 

Have you ever given much thought in regards to what your
thoughts are all about and where do they come from? Your thoughts do not think
you, you think your thoughts.

The power of these thoughts plays an important role in our everyday
lives. Our thoughts consist of mental pictures, mental movies, movies mostly made
of our own casting and directing.  Also
many statements, many images, we rehearse over and over again looking for some
type of perfection or answer to any given situation occurring in our everyday
lives.  Thus these things being played in
our minds over and over again weather positive or negative has a natural
outcome or effect in the situations we are involved in.
much of what thoughts are, we must not forget to add some components to it. Components
such as how our belief system plays a role in how we think about things.  We have different what is called learned
belief systems that are established in our minds as if they were gospel.  For instance we would be shocked at some of the
things that we have been taught has no merits are truth whatsoever.  Some of our belief systems stems from our
basic religious beliefs.  So you can imagine
other religious systems that have many other rules and regulations set by the
laws of man, how one can have a lot of different opinions concerning one given
situation.  Another way to entertain how
some of our thoughts are controlled and governed;

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