Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Power Banks of "I AM". and "I WILL"

 I often wonder do we ever think about how many I am's  we address daily. We have the I am within us and the I am's we identify with daily. I believe the I am within us is our spiritual God given name.

We seem to have a bunch of I am's that we address on a daily basis. For instances , I am a school teacher, I am a mother, I am a mailman, I am a wife, I am a motivational speaker, etc. These are the I am's we address in our physical world along with  some more unmentionable I am's.  I truly  believe we must understand all the I's we serve. We must come to realize that the I's that we spend our most time on are the ones we give the most power to.

Who are your best I ams. There are certain I's that deserve our upmost attention and power.  However there are some I am's that do not serve us well and should be deleted from our lives.
Some times I listen to some I am's  and I feel they really shame the true I am within us.  Lets look at I am from another prospective.  The spiritual I am is our God Given Name.  Remember the I am? It appears that we are using the master's name.  Think about it.  If you have ever noticed, you cannot refer to yourself in no form except  I for  thinking or saying I or I am.  When we use I am we are using all the God given power that comes along with it.   There is no other source of yourself that contains as much power as your statement of I am.

There is one more tool that we have at our service and that is the will.  God gave us all a will.  Along with our will we have choices and this is why the usage of the language of the word I will has the greatest power of all.  When you make a statement of "I will", you are using another God given right  that has more power than you could ever realize. I look at "I am and I will"  as our spiritual tools from the spiritual world.

This is another reason I feel we must think, using these words in a most respectful and positive manner. I am and I will have energy and they will manifest.
Think about this? If you ask me to take you shopping, I could possible say I might, or I could. However neither one of these statements have power as much as the statement in return of I will or
I am, going to take you shopping.

So stop and think could we be abusing our will along with the name I am.   I will and I am are spiritual and need to be thought of as so.

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